Saturday, August 28, 2010

Have a golden retirement

The past time we've seen that a lot of people lost their investments in houses and other properties. Those who invested in precious metals however did rather well.

Gold has provided through the centuries not only a feeling of comfort and trust, because the possession of gold means security and a good return.

People have asked me if they can put gold in their individual retirement account.
Yes, you can, but government of the United States currently allows only Gold American Eagles and Gold proof American Eagles in your gold IRA. Proof gold has a limited supply and seems to be the best choice.
IRA gold will be subjected to taxes and maybe a penalty, unless you have the gold stored at a depository through certain gold IRA custodians.

The same goes for 401k gold, but it's far better to change your regular 401k plan, also called 401(k) plan, into a gold 401k.


Because stocks and other investments are like laundry on the line in a storm. Depending on all sorts of circumstances, like war, bank failures, high oil prices, weakening of the dollar against other currencies, your retirement savings will swing in value.

Gold is more stable. Maybe the value drops a bit for a while, but after some time the value will go up again. Gold is gold and will be gold.

gold IRA transfer won't take long. After filling in a form, which can be printed from internet and sending it by mail or fax to Aurum Advisors you'll be contacted so you know it's received and it will be processed. That takes about 5 to 21 days.

I know many people are hesitant to change the way they save for their retirement.
But consider the fact that when the golden standard was effective the dollar was quite stable.
Get yourself that stability.


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