Sunday, August 29, 2010

Giveaways for me?

I was asked why I don't enter giveaways anymore.

The asnwer is simple: because when I win I almost never get what I've won.

I'm still waiting for a DIY set, a,...three books, a pair of earplugs and a necklace.
I've won some other items too, but I simply forgot them, because i didn't want to get my hopes up anymore.

It feels sad, oh yes.
And I'm certainy not living in a forgotten country.

I know some people think that sending something to my country is far more difficult than sending USA only.

But my experience is that it's not difficult at all.

Well...I don't want to force people, but waiting for a package is fun, until the waiting changes in the feeling that again no one bothered to send me the prize.



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