Thursday, August 5, 2010

The girls and horses

The girls have had some opportunities to ride a horse.
A friend once took them when they were much younger, and the last two years they had the choice at the school's sports day between different sports and they both put horse riding at the top of their list.

They've had very good times and it has raised an interest in more than riding a horse alone.

One of them was allowed to comb the horse and she was allowed to stay with the assistant at the stables for a while, seeing the different elements of horse tack in use.

yesterday she suddenly asked me a lot of questions about saddles.
I don't know much about the subject. All is that a saddle should fit a horse perfectly, so the horse won't be hurt by someone riding it.
Riding should be a pleasure for both the horse and the rider.

As she had so many questions I adviced her to visit some sites, including and call the horse centre she's been last month.

Her call was answered by the owner and he invited them both to come and stay there a day and learn as much as they can.

I'm very touched by his gesture, as he simply could have answered the question in a few minutes.

Now we're waiting for a nice and sunny day...


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