Tuesday, August 17, 2010

From re-enactment to ER

It's never boring here. Never!!

Yesterday my second son went to a three day re-enactment vacation.

It lasted a day.

When he jumped aside he hit his leg.

At first everyone thought it was part of the re-enactment until they saw how deep and large the injury was.
Immediately his wound was taken care of properly, still re-enacting, and then he was rushed of to hospital.

That means, he had to see the regular physician first.
He told the woman doctor that the wound was really bad, but she still thought she could deal with it.
When she saw the wound she had to swallow a few times and then send him straight through to the ER.
It was a local hospital, it was near midnight and they were not happy to see a new patient at that time. The attending there had "seen it all", but went away after seeing the wound.

Someone else came in for close inspection and dealt with it.

The 12 cm long wound, showing the bone, was closed with quite some stitches, and he had a thick layer of bandages around it. He wasn't allowed to walk for a few days and is adviced to take it very easy for 14 days.

He stayed there for the night with friends, as planned, but in the morning the painkillers wore off and he came home.

To me the honor to dress the wound again, as it was leaking.
Well, I have to say that he was stitched well. Very well.

He stayed here all day.

The oldest came today to cook something special, so it was a real family gathering at dinnertime.

We had a lot of fun, and had two desserts, as one of the girls made pudding and one of the boys served cake.

Our plans to move to the UK after the final exams of the girls were discussed again and we now have decided to make a list of places/areas where we want to live.
We won't limit our plans to Scotland, but we enclose the hills, beach of England and Wales.
Matters depend upon where the oldest can find a job after his needed 3 years experience. Well, as it's a bit more than 3 years before the girls get 18, the plans fit together like a glove.
Friends are looking to move to England too, and we've decided to go and talk with them, because we might bundle our talents and maybe take over an existing business or start something new.

It's good to focus on the future.


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