Thursday, August 5, 2010

Flies.. flies.. and more flies.

Oh, it's disgusting!!

In the media wasps were mentioned. In the west people are dealing with lots of them, but in the east, where we are, there are almost no wasps.

They didn't mention the flies, the clouds of flies.

I thought it was our own problem, cleaned everything carefully, but that didn't help a bit.

Turned out the whole neighbourhood is suffering from them, so we had a close look verywhere. Maybe a dead animal was the cause, we thought. Or a pile of dirt or something.
But we couldn't find anything at all.

Yesterday we were in the shoppingcentre and to our surprise there were flies all over the place, just like at home.
Even worse, as we hunt them at home all day with electrical rackets and in the centre nothing was done.

I saw flied all over the bread and snacks at the breadshop.
I've mailed the owner and asked him to mail us when everything is flies-free again.

Here at home I'm going to hang old CD's in front of the door.
They say that the lightflashed keep flies away.

Let's hope so.

It's ,y home and I have't invited animals in.


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