Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fifa and the law

Football dominates the sportsmedia and I wonder of the sport deserves it.
There's so much violence on the fields, that I don't care for football anymore.

But The Netherlands and Belgium want to organise the worldgames of 2018 or 2022, and we all have to pay our taxes and pretend we agree.

The FIFA has so many requierements that I doubt if those two countries will end up being hosst of the worldgames.

I just heard that these requirements go against the law too, which is amazing.

They want for instance more control of the police in the cities where the games are played.
As in both countries the mayors are the ones, by law, who have full control of the police, the request required a change of law. And none of the countries is willing to change the law for footballgames. Not for ordinairy ones and not for the worldgames.

The countries have agreed to allow special parts of some roads to be reserved for those who visit the games, so normal traffic and football traffic won't bother each other, but the police: no way the police will be ruled by footballofficials.


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