Wednesday, August 11, 2010

a falling star

We took the decision not to go to the last meeting of Child Protection.
As we had the feeling they didn't want to hear us anyway nothing was lost. And ofcourse I'd written down what I had to say.
The main reason was that people who are so negative about others create such rotten feelings, that we felt insulted by them. I was not willing to let them insult me again straight in my face, like last time.

Until now we did't regret the decision one little bit.

The children and I had a vacationday together, with good news (see blogpost yesterday), something we ordered from internet arrived, we had good fun, etc etc.

Today, we were told, the paperwork would be send to court.
Well, when they won't listen, maybe a judge will, and otherwise we deal with whatever they want to shed on us of their bad karma.
We've had a good lesson in how people can be, and I'm glad I've never found my profession in "saving people" the way they do. They've split up our family already and my autistic son is taking it very badly, as I told them before. But they don't care.

Instead of swimming in our nervous, we went to the dentist.
We were all OK. Two had some slight chips off which needed repair, but these chips came off a long time ago and they need attention every so many years.
The rest was perfectly OK.

I got the paperwork, recipes and other things to prepare for the implant I'll get end september.
As extracting the enormous molar with the deep roots was far worse than the implant (I hope), I'm not worried at all that things will go wrong.

My second son came for a visit and brought a small booklet with buddhism quotes.
When he'd left I decided to create a corner in the room for my buddha things. After planning for quite a while the vacation is a good time to take action. When I need something I can make it.
Well, I think I need to make some shelves to put my buddhism things on.
The small altars they offer on internet are far too expensive. But maybe I can make something or buy a plan wooden thingy with drawers. Some CD rack or so. And pain it in the colours I want.

Did I mention these better days started with a falling star?
They did.


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