Sunday, August 1, 2010

Donald Jones remembered

I was born in a socalled white society.
When the first black man appeared on TV the papers wrote about it.
It was Donald Jones, a magnificent man with a wonderful smile.
He was aquarius, like I was, and he was a dancer, and I wanted to become a dancer too.

My grandmother never looked at the outside of people and when she saw him on TV she said that he looked like a very intelligent man who had seen much in his life.

She was right.
Donald Jones was born in 1932 in Harlem, New York, and he knew racism and violence first hand.

When he arrived in The Netherlands in 1954 people had hardly seen a black man. They were curious and some people even wanted to feel his short curly hair.
He felt himself an "oddity", like he said in an interview.

But this soon changed in admiration. He appeared to be a good actor and singer too.
And he was also considered a good compagnion and friend.

This afternoon one of his songs suddenly popped-up in my mind.
I was working hard and concentrated, was full of emotions, so one would think there wouldn't be room left for something more.
And there it was, a small song of love, sung by him with loving intension and care: "I would love to put you in a small box, so I can take you everywhere with me."

Through the song I remembered his smile, like a movie where musical images and a photo are merged.

Thanks Donald Jones for your magnificent smile.
Your smile was a symbol of freedom of the mind.

I needed to be remembered of that just at that very same moment.

Even though you died last year, your memory is still much alive, and you've helped me tremendously from another realm.


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