Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dinner today

I like to make dinner with the vegetables of the time of the year.
So we eat a lot of lettuce, tomaties and such.

But today...

Today is such a cold(-ish) and grey day that it looks like fall.
So it's no wonder cabbage is on the menu.

It's the kind of green cabbage that grows like a tower and ends in a sharp tip.

Want to make it too?

Get your potatoes and put them to a boil.

Slice the cabbage with a very sharp knife into small pieces.

Take half of it and put it to a boil with salt, a bit of pepper and a few soupspoons of milk.

Take the other half and put it in a bowl with some salt, pepper and if wanted either mayonaise or sweet yoghurt/bulgarian yoghurt.

Bake minced meat with nutmeg, pepper and salt. Make it taste a bit hot and spicey.
When available add some baked tomatoes.

You can start the meal with vegetable or chicken soup, seve the potatoes with either the cooked cabbage, raw cabbage or both, and add the miced meat.

Add chocolate dessert, but even better and more tasty is a bowl of fruit, because the taste compliments the taste of the fresh cabbage.

Have a nice dinner!


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