Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Continuing Story - official signature

Instead of a few weeks we had to wait rather a long time to get a signature of approval under our request to send our autistic son to a kind of daycare/work experience place.

But today, quite unexpected, the signature arrived in the mail.
And with it a whole 3 page letter with non-information and a leaflet about what to do when we don't agree with the decision.

The decision is right what we requiested, but they dated the permission back to the beginning of july.
Which means we could have sent him there straightaway without their permission, or it means they havent granted us a full year, but just eleven months.

Well, we're glad the wait is over and he can go there.
It's a very nice place and less busy and noisy as the place he was last time and where he couldn't cope.

He's very enthousiastic to go, but we know him like that.
He needs to learn to stay enthousiastic.

As soon as he works and accomplishes something in a work-environment he wants to be paid and he forgets that supporting him costs more than he earns.

Well, the place offers also an educational path for some. He can use his motivation to earn money to get a diploma.

Let's see what happens.

Let's wait for his first few times there and how he likes it.


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