Monday, August 30, 2010

The Continuing Story - Good news

Many many months ago we (familyphysician and I) started to make the first moves to transfer the 2 youngest boys from childpsychiatry to psychiatry for grown ups. Childpsychiatry is for kids and young people below 18 years of age.
The psychiatrist told us the oldest of the two could stay until the youngest would be of age.
So our stay had been long enough there.

The waitinglists, even for transfer, are so ridiculously long that the family phycisian didn't even remember writing the letters.

With Child Protection in sight we were a bit hesitant to transfer the boys.
They insisted I continued their care.
Ofcourse I told them that it was not my decision anymore when they're of age and intelligent enough to make decisions for themselves.
But they were so happy both boys were clients of this guy...

OK, he had a great smile, and I never left with ill feelings. But I wondered why such a kind man could reach such a level in his carreer by being so kind.
I'm not a fool in that area.

At the beginning of the ordeal with child protection he showede his true face.
I had a very unpleasant and from his profession very unethical confrontation, and he later stepped completely over the border by calling me and starting to throw his vision on me.
I'm still happy my phone gave up. I really was and I really am.

Reflecting on his activities for my boys wqas easy.
He'd done nothing else for my autistic son than prescribing meds and speaking a few words in 10 minute consultations. Oh, and smiling nicely. :)
He wrote one referral, which bounced. And didn't follow up on that.
He promissed a referral to someone who could deal with my sons eating disorder. After 5 times asking it still wasn't there. And he promissed to have talks with my son as therapy, to see if he could influence his thinking. I guess he thought that when I couldn't he couldn't, because he never started.

I was hesitant to change psychiatrists under the preying eyes of child protection, but fate stepped in our way and directed us straightaway to the new one.


Last week the appointment of the oldest of the two came in.

And this weekend I exchanged mail with the new one who suggested another place to go to.
I gave him my arguments, like I did a year ago when he agreed to take both sons, and this morning he mailed me that he was OK to take them both, that his only thoughts for the other place was a case manager.... so I would have less work.

Oh, I could hug the guy, but it's a bit difficult through the cable internet connection. LOL!

So I'll get another pile of forms and questionnaires to fill in and we can go and say goodbye to the former psychiatrist.
I haven't decided yet how.
Maybe just give a bunch of helium balloons their freedom under his window with a bye bye card.

This really feels as good news.
A positive step for both boys.

I hope to have more good news later this week.


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