Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Continuing Story - concept for disability income

Now my autistic son is 18 he's supposed to get a disability income.
You know, that's money so they won't starve when they're not living at home anymore, but they won't be able to afford a place of their own either.

And when they live at home they get even less, so you're robbing your own child when you ask something in return for everything you do. They're supposed to use part of the money for what they receive at home. Haha!

After filling in a pile of forms they got lost at the office of the organisation.
After filling in the pile of forms again we had to wait quite a long time before we were invited to plead our case for a doctor, who after one hour and flirting with the social worker and me, decided he knew more about my son than everyone else who has been dealing with him for years.

Then I was called by someone who told me he could do so many things that I asked her if she was calling for another son.

The third person was a lot nicer. She agreed to send her emailadress so I could reply fast and efficient. It was not in the concept she wanted me to criticise.

Reading the concept was not enjoying.
The doctor wrote my son wouldn't be recouperated after a year. I guess he assumed autism is an illness and eventually it'll disappear.
He also wrote my son could work full time. In fact my son can hardly cope with 4 hours daycare.

And they had the audacity to write down my son wasn't using his full potential and implied that was due to me.
Just because I said that at the moment my son isn't able to deal with more than what he's going to do.

After the lies Child Protection wrote about me, I have to say that my blood pressure was not under control, and that's an understatement.
I've worked so many years to get him where he is, training him in ever aspect, from looking to someone, to smiling every now and then, to putting on clean underwear everyday (when I say so), that I really feel to be invisible.

It makes me so sad that I'm almost 25 years a mother and that people are dealiong this way with everything I have accomplished.

The people who assisted my son the past years said I've done a fine job and I deserve the best and largest compliment a mother could get, but others tell me exactly the opposite after dealing with me one or two hours.

Just a few days (15th and 16th) and we'll remember the birth and death of my first daughter.

I hope they'll leave me alone those days.


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