Thursday, August 19, 2010


We're well aware how vulnerable people are for invasion of their privacy.

Especially the computer forms a target for those who think they can find something about the lives of other people they can use for their own means.

Two days ago someone tried to break into our system.
My computer seemed to be the main target, and considering the situation we're going through I can imagine that maybe it wasn't some obscure person trying to get in.

Well, I don't have any useable information on my computer, unless someone is interested in my buddhist texts.

Most people are not even aware of an attack like this, but my oldest is a computer expert and he knows everything about computer safety and virtualization services, like data storage, server management and data availability.

People like him are too expensive for official organisations to employ, which means that we have the most advanced networks here, with the highest safety level, and also the best accessible data.
This stans opposite to the lesser knowledge of the person who wants to have a peek behind the borders of our online lives.

In case you want the same services, it's best you turn towards a professional organisation like Consonus.


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