Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Is it a coincidence I just blogged about not believing everything that is written and arrived on a site that was about the same subject?

People believe a lot about diet pills, as the quicktrim reviews state.

As long as a good looking celebrity states she is using a certain dietpill, people go brainless and spend enormous amounts of money to get rid of bodywater and extra mass that would have moved out of the body anyway.
Some herbal teas do the same trick, but they don't look as impressive and don't cost as much.

True weightloss is the result of good eating habits, a healthy lifestyle and enough exercise to burn the calories that were taken in and ofcourse a few more.

Weightloss is about balancing what comes in and what goes out in such a way that less comes in.
A problem is that not all people have a body that functions that simple.

Other factors have to be taken into account too. Like the use of certain medications that badly influence metabolism and plain old stress.

Stress makes the body stick to it's reserves because these reserves might be needed later.

When I'm old I won't have to eat much, as I carry the reserves with me. LOL!


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