Saturday, August 28, 2010

City of Diamonds

Visiting Amsterdam means being in one of the main places in the world where diamonds are transformed from stones to jewels.

Never buy just diamonds.
Buy certified diamonds so you know you've got the real things and won't be surprised when you want to sell your diamonds or upgrade them to one of higher value.

Always keep the diamond grading report and/or certificate at a safe place, and preferrably at a completely other place than where you keep the diamond it refers to.
Not only are they very important together to show the diamond is real. You also need the certificate for the insurance.

Many diamond sellers provide a special service for their customers. Brilliance Care, for instance, provides a free pronginspection and cleaning twice a year, which also includes polishing, rhodium plating (for white metals), and tightening of all prongs.
They value the diamond as much as you do.

In case you want to learn more about diamonds, visit the site of Brilliance Care.
I did, and I've learned a lot at the educational part of their site.
I didn't know so many shapes were possible, for instance.
And, I didn't know that diamonds can be bought at a price which is very reasonable for normal people too. Ofcourse I've heard about socalled growing diamonds, a system in which you can start with a small one and exchange it for a larger one later, but I never knew a diamond didn't cost as much as I thought.

Well, see for yourself!


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