Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cigar boxes

Someone asked me about the cigarboxes I mentioned in my last post.

Cigars are still sold in wooden boxes and even though I don't decorate them anymore, my girls do.
And maybe I will in the near future, as I'feel inspired by my own memories. :)

Some cigars come in wooden boxes.
At cigarshops and hotels the more expensive cigars are sold individually and the boxes are thrown away. Unless you do what my girls did: ask for the boxes.
They are made well and people are happy to keep them aside, as long as the children pop in regularly every month or so.

The boxes are ready for good glue.
You can put a nice fabric around them.
The more precise the fabric is cut, and the nicer its glued the better it looks.
You can use decorationband to glue at the sides.

The inside does well with a very thin layer of something soft.
On top of that velvet or satin.
Again: decorationband along the sides does wonders.

Most cases have something to close it, but if not, here's a way to make something.

Sow a button at the front bottom side, leaving a bit of distance, and crochet a loop of a nice colour or take thin ribbon.
Glue it on top or sow it under a button and leave one end hanging.
You can turn it around the lower button to close the box.

Ofcourse there are many ways to decorate the boxes.
You can glue shells on them, or beads, or even uncooked macaroni or spaghetti.

Have fun!!


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