Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Changes seen in the vacation

The vacation is the perfect time to see changes in your children.

A year has passed, which means a year of development on all sorts of areas.

With twins it's extra interesting, because they are the same age, but individual people with their own development.

My daughters sure have changed.

They're far more independent, make their own choices, and are both developing in a different way, according to their character.

They've never been the same, even though they loved to wear the same clothes at times and floated in the same belly.

They looked different when they were born, completely different.
One was blonde with very grey eyes and it was immediately clear she was of a delicate built. The other had black hair and very darkbrown eyes and it was clear she would grow tall even though they were almost the same length.

They missed the joy of identical twins to play exchange, but they benefitted from their looks, as people treated them each as a unique individual.
They got stimulated according to their character and needs and developed their own way.

They're 14 and a half now, real young ladies.
They have their own opinions and are able to discuss them openly, integrate the reactions in their thinking.

We've had a few discussions about make up the past year.
I don't want them to walk around with smokey eyes like they haven't slept for months.
Nor with lips like they're colourblind and we have no mirror.
I understand that girls want to experiment with make up, but I want them to envision how others can see them and I want them to know that hygiene is as important with make up as in other areas.

It's fun to see the normal puberty behaviours.
Sleeping in, hanging on the couch, giggling with friends, peeking at the boys.
They're growing up so fast that their childhood seems to be yesterday.

I expected from myself that I would try to keep them little.
They were such adorable little ones.
But I feel very proud and happy that they're developing so well.

I enjoy the discussions about the future. As my studenttime has been one of the happiest times of my life I wish them the same.
One of them knows reasonably well what she wants to become: sport teacher, and we're looking what precisely she wants and where the best place is to study.
There's no hurry, as she still has a few years to go. But it's very motivating to work towards something.

The other girls is very creative and would be a great designer. She's got so many ideas.
She keeps the option, to study fashion, open.
We have a main fashion school in a town nearby, and they provide very good education.
It's often on TV so she has the opportunity to see what the education there entails.
She also likes to work with children, and I think she would be a great teacher for young children too.
She too has a few years to go.

Compaired to last year the feel of the vacation has changed.
As we're having less childish behaviour, it's calmer here.
We have more talks about all sorts of subjects, and the subjects are discussed in depth. It's nice to see new subjects, like ethics.
And we talk a lot about buddhism and what it means for us and for people in general.
Especially now we're confronted with people who are not able to see us for the people we are it's good to experience that buddhism provides a frame and guidelines how to deal with it.

It's also nice to see that all kids have left the centre of the universe and are able to enjoy each other a lot better.
As they're able to self reflect far better life has become so much easier.

I'm so proud they've grown to be such caring individuals.


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