Thursday, August 26, 2010

Air guitar

These past weeks we've been dealing with a lot of imaginary things and air constructions, but these can't comptete with the Air Guitar World Championships.
They're hosted this week in Finland. In Oulu to be precise. For the 15th time.

The purpose of the whole event is not to create a stronger longing for real guitars, bit to create world peace.
If everyone would play air guitar all bad things in the world would disappear, including pollution.

Well, at least we all, except for the air guitar player, would have a good laugh, because the way those people play mimicks the behaviour of the best guitar players on the world. You won't realise that with your eyes closed, but a little imagination and a good look might make you think of the grande old stars.

Not old is the instrument the winner takes home: a Flying Finn electric guitar.
That's a good incentive to practice all the year around to play...air.


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