Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Youth and clothes

With kids in the age of self-decision hairdo and clothing can be subjects of many discussions.
Each of my children has a different taste and a different way to tell the world who they are.

I see that the girls are still a bit finding out what they like best, which is quite a job with everchanging fashion, but the boys have found their own identity, which meakes it easy to buy what they need.

A trouser for the oldest means something completely different than for the second son.

My oldest son wants to buy his own clothes, but the second one doesn't mind us buying them, because that usually means we're paying them too. LOL! Within limits though.
He wears just one kind of trousers from one shop where they sell hip hop clothes.

Ofcourse I would love my children to have a wide range of different looks, but he's got PDD-NOS and feels good in them.

This week his shop offers huge discounts. And as you can order online this might be a perfect moment to have a look yourself.

We're very happy with the wide range of choice and often we sit with more poeple in front of the computer and I end up with a list of items, for the girls too.
And as a matter of fact: I love the shoes they're selling too.


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