Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wrong door

Some people here in the neightbourhood are getting ready for they vacation.
The final exams are over and those families who have no younger children have no ties to stay here.

Even though it was very warm, some men were working on their camper.
One of them asked me if we had some spring plungers for him.
Ofcourse I didn't have them.
We don't use spring plungers here.

Then he asked if we had a car hook for the camper.
We don't have a car and no camper, so I asked him why he asked.

He looked at me, started to stammer and them excused himself.

Wrong door.



Funny thing is that the whole subject kept nagging on my mind and I went to the site of the Reid Supply Company to learn more about spring plungers.
I've learned a lot and because they have such good photos of all the items they sell I found not only some knobs I needed, but also a strange device that fell out of the wardrobe door of a friend and we couldn't find in the shops here.
As Reid offers industrial supplies we contacted the home owner to place an order for the houses here and informed the neighbourhopod committee we did.
Got their compliments. :)


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