Tuesday, July 13, 2010

We're waiting, they're too...

We're waiting for visitors. They should have arrived hours ago.
Because I didn't hear anything and their home phone wasn't picked up, I tried to call the mobile phones.
One was off, the other gave a response.

Turned out that their car gave up and they tried to reach the roadside, but with the risks for their own lives they had to push it there.

They've been traveling the world with their motorhome for years now, so they cbn deal with a lot.
But with routine mistakes slip in too.

This year they went on their way without a roadside assistance plan and they didn't realise it until today.

Now the father of the bunch is trying to convince the insurance that his intention was to extend their contract, and after over 20 years one would expect some consideration and belief he indeed had that intention.

He can use internetbanking to transfer the money so that's no problem and then they have to wait for the repairmen to arrive.
They're in good spirits, have enough to drink, and the weather isn't as bad as yesterday, but still.
I'll be happy for them when the problems have been fixed and they're here.


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