Sunday, July 4, 2010

Welcome baby!

Welcoming a new baby in the world is done different in different countries.

Here we don't have bay showers like in countries like the USA, Canada and India.

Parents buy everything they need for the new baby themselves, if necessary supported by family. When something is a gift it's still the choice of the parents, so they're able to get an overall look for the babyroom, the wardrobe and anything else, and they have the right fit for the pram, commode and babybed.
So we don't send baby shower invitations, but we do send birth cards or birth announcements as some call it.

They're precious items, kept for generations in the families that receive them and valued collector's items.

When a baby is born we don't have parties, because we consider it too much a burden for the baby and it's mom.

We receive grandparents, family and best friends as soon as possible, preferably when the nurse is still supporting the family at home.
She guard the wellbeing of mother and child and tries to keep the amount of visitors limited and the time between a nap and a feed.
It's considered impolite to visit without an appointment, to be ill or having a cold, and to stay too long.

When you're not family or a best friend, it's polite to wait until a few weeks have passed, and the mom and baby have strengthened.
Even then a visit shouldn't last long, be by appointment and at a time preferable in the morning after the baby has had a bath or in the afternoon after the afternoon nap.

Presents people bring will vary. The grandparents give the most expensive gifts, like a silver mug. Others bring something like clothing, or something for the babyroom. Most of the time they ask for a wishlist or find agreement about the look or size of something.

In many countries the babies won't get a name until they're either 3 days, a week or even 6 weeks old.
Here a baby is given a name right after birth.


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