Monday, July 19, 2010

webcams during events are great for decisions

Each year our town hosts a huge event with free open air concerts and many other activities.

In the past we highlighted the activities we wanted to participate in, looked at the weather and went.
Sometimes to find out, after 45 minutes on the bicycle, that there were too many people to enjoy the concert, or to find out that a road was blocked and we needed a walk of 20 minutes to enter the area.

Now I just have a look at the webcam, see if the area is accessible, if it's crowded, and sometimes we even have an appointment on webcam to see if friends are in town.

Today I had to look at 15.00 hours, because friends would be there when they'd arrived in town.
And there they were... waving.
Now they're shopping for some necessities, they'll have dinner and when the weather allows they'll meet us at one of the concerts.

It saves us a lot of calls.


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