Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We did it:: 3-2!!

We've won from Urugay: 3-2!!

Immediately after the end of the game we could hear fireworks and countless vuvuzela's and people shouting from joy.

Here in the neighbourhood people went on the streets to congratulate each other and some took their patio furniture and sat at the playground to drink a beer together.

One of the neighbourhood children, still awake, gave me a candyheart with "champion" on it and wanted me to eat it that very moment. I had liquorice candy in my pocket and gave it to her, and soon we both were enjoying our own sweet.

At twitter people went crazy, the phone system was completely cluttered by the enormous amount of calls, and in cities large parties started.

Maybe you won't believe it, but even I felt happy. Which is quite something as I don't like football.


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