Friday, July 2, 2010

Warmest day of the year?

Maybe today we've had the warmest day of the year.
The official highest was 35.5 degrees celcius, but our outside thermometer was almost blown. So it was more than 40 degrees here.
Very unusual.

As the past years have generated more tropical days, it's very easy to get accustomed at a different daily rhythm. That doesn't go for my autistic son, but it works well for me.

Early in the morning I'll do a lot of work, with regular breaks.
As the diabetes was not well under control due to the generous work of the dentist (***grins***) and the worst seems to be behind me, getting a new level of control with the new rhythm is no problem at all. Lucky me.

In the afternoon I do sitting work, and late in the evening I'll do the more active chores.

As almost no one is really hungry at dinnertime, when it's still very hot, I offer them salads and such. All fresh stuff, cooled, so it's nice to eat and as healthy as can be.

And at the end of the evening we'll eat a second eveningmeal with soup and whatever most of us want.
With the girls staying at a friend it's a men's decision.

When the sun went under I stepped into the front garden to give a few plants extra water and cut the old flowers and some new ones for the vase on the table.
While I was busy there , with my hands full of flowers my neighbour called me to come with her to help someone.
She's a doctor and was called to someone a few streets from us who uses a evergo oxygen concentrator. He was afraid he'd damaged the control unit because he'd spilt water on it.
It was good we went there with two. As the doc took care of his saturation level, I called the 24 hours service to get their advice.
Matter were settled in minutes and it wasn't necessary to call the paramedics and get him to hospital.

The guy was happy with our help, but I thanked him for allowing me to assist him.
He was surprised, because he feels so dependent on other people, he said.
But we're all interdependent.
He gave me a good feeling because he gave me an opportunity to help him.

When we left he said he had a different feel about his handicap.



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