Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Traveling in high temperatures

Another warning for tropical temperatures has been issues and even though the national average temperature won't be tropical tomorrow, it'll be above 30 degrees celcius in this part of the country.

We have to travel by train tomorrow.
I din't like the early appointment, as we have to leave extra early because we need to travel during rush hour, but as always I had trusted the God's to decide if it needed to be changed. Often the other party called when a time or place was inconvenient. Tomorrow it's the weather who makes it a good time. Hopefully we'll be back home before the highest temperatures of the day are reached.

Travelling under those conditions means I want to prepare a few things.

We leave when it's still fresh, so everyone needs a cardigan and loose clothing.
We need to take extra drinks with us.
And small tasty foods

For those who stay at home the same will be prepared, except for the cardigan.

I'll have the phone batteries charged, so I can call them and they can call me.

Rainoutfits will be ready so someone can bring them to us when the weather gets nasty. We won't take them as no rain is expected and we can deal with a few drops if necessary.

I'll also prepare dinner for tomorrow as far as possible so I won't have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen at the hottest part of the day when I'm tired.

All my children know how to prevent heat problems and hot to recognise them.
Most cases of heat exhaustion are caused by loss of body fluids due to not drinking enough and sweating too much.

Signs of heat exhaustion include
  • cool,moist, pale or flushed skin
  • heavy sweating
  • headache
  • nausea
  • dizziness
  • weakness
  • exhaustion

In case of heat exhaustion
  • move the person to a cool place,
  • loosen tight clothing and remove excess clothing
  • use cool wet towels or fabric to cool the skin
  • wave fresh air towards the person
  • and when he or she is conscious give small sips of cool water.

When the person is unconscious, vomits or refuses water, call 911.


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