Tuesday, July 13, 2010

That one last booklet

For one reason or another there's always one simple booklet missing when the children have to bring their books back to school.

OK, we've had one year that a CD was missing, but I found it without problems between the ones near the CD player.

But all those year among 6 kids, there was always one single item completely lost in space. Their space, that is.

I used to feel a strange kind of stress, because i wanted to have everything as perfect as possible, and to have a complete pile of books was one of the main aims of life.

I've spend hours searching through bookcases, on shelves, behind shelves, under beds, behind desks and everywhere else, feeling superstressed, only to find out that the owner of the lost book already found it the evening before in his bag, or something like that. He just forgot to tell us so.

Again a small booklet has disappeared from earth.
I know it can't be in space, as I've seen it during the last shuttleflight and the new flight has been postponed.
I know it's not downstairs, as I've spend hours this morning cleaning in corners and behind and under couches, and I've experienced the growing sensation that all my intuition told me it would either be in the locker at school, at the girls' room or in a bag.

It should appear before 12.00 hours.
I'm sure it'll be found between 12.01 and 12.05.
Don't you think so?


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