Sunday, July 4, 2010

Swimming at school

At basic school (6-12 years) time is spent to teach children swimming.
But the same happened as with the lessons gymnastics: less money was available, less time spend on lessons.

Now lifeguard organisations are complaining that children don't swim well enough to be safe.

What worries me most is that children are unaware of the dangers.

When I grew up, my father taught me the dangers of swimming pools, open waters and rivers.
I have taught my children the same lessons, and interestingly enough, they're teaching it to their friends.
None of them feel the urge to jump in the river, because the words of my dad echo in their heads.
They don't need the 90 euro fine to stay out.
They know the undercurrents are dangerous and they know how to recognise them.

Pointing out the dangers made me careful, but also motivated me to do my best at the lessons and ask others to teach me even more.

I think it would be wise to spend more money on swimming education.
Not only for half a year, but for to make it an intergral part of education for three years. Not only focussing on skills, but also on prevention of dangerous situations.


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