Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Sun Rising

1. When was the last time that you watched a sunrise? Who were you with?

Last week.
I was alone.

The colours were magnificent. Such a pure turkoise. Amazing!

2. If President Obama promised he'd do one thing you asked, what would you ask him to do?

Well, he's not my president as I'm not a usa resident.

Right now I would ask him to speak out against bullying and against the idea that the victim of bullying should be treated with psychotherapy and such.
I think bullying is a lack of respect for others and those who are the bulliers should get proper psychotherapy.

I would ask him to honor my daughter who speaks out against bullying so often.

3. What is one experience that has strengthened your character the most so far?

Hmmm...I've had many experiences and many one strenghtened my character.
So this is a very difficult question.

To experience those people who are not humble and honest, who show no respect for others... yes... that's one of the main strengthening forces for me.
I've met people who told me they knew their job, as a teacher, a psychologist, as a social worker, as a psychiatrist, and they badly failed.
I don't care when people lack knowledge. Maybe they have read other books...
But I do care when people claim to do their job well and they place themselves above others, and I can see that in fact they mess things up, hurt people, and lack selfreflection on their enormous ego's.

People like that create the need to stand up for my children, other children, other people.

When my first daughter died because her heart couldn't cope with life without medication and some doctor was not available to sign for new blood, to sign for the meds and he even failed to look up how much anti-D I needed, resulting in active rhesusantagonim, I learned a lot.
It was in a time when dead babies were not spoken about. I thought that was wrong, and I changed the whole lot here in this country, with the help of some friends.
Now parents can hold their babies, take picures, footprints, have balloons at funerals, etc etc.

I found out that my experience and my feelings about justice and injustice, about what's good for people and worng for people can make a difference for a lot of other people when I put my shoulders under it.

The result is that a crisis in my life makes me stronger, see things with a sharp eye and often brings about changes in more lifes than those of my own family.
That's a strength: knowing that bad things can be turned in good things.

4. What is the first thing that you usually do after completing Saturday 9?

Take a sip of coffee.

5. Tell us about someone either in your life or in the blogosphere that you think is extremely funny.

I have a friend who is spontaneous. Who is in contact with the child in him and won't let go.
I walked around town during the 4 days marches festivities a few years ago and he had a handdoll...a dog.. and he caught the attention of many people.
The way he dealt with people... awesome!
He made everyone smile... everyone.

6. Where was the last bed that you slept in that was not your own?

Uhh...that's a long time ago.
After a ballet performance, when I had to stay the night with the group.
I slept in the bed of a friend, while she went to her parents.

7. Have you ever been too drunk to remember anything?

No never. Absolutely not.

8. Have you ever licked something to clean it?

Yep, my glasses.

9. Who, outside of family or a S/O, has influenced your life the most?

What's s/o??

I think it's my professor of clinical psychology.
He questioned me about my opinion about autism and schizophrenia in a time when we didn't even think about autism spectrum syndrome, ppd-nos etc etc.

His questions made me develop a way of observing, thinking and reacting which has helped me a lot with my children.

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