Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A strange day and strange weather

Today was a strange day... again.

Because we bought new bicycles for some of the children we had to be early in the shopping centre to bring these very same bicycles for their first free service.
I like those free service sessions, because at the shop where we go the repairman looks at everything.
He had all the time in the world, because not many people went outside for fun.
The temperature was far too high and it was too humid.
When we got the bicycles the minor problems were all repaired, even those we didn't find outselves.

Then we went with the girls to buy new glasses.
They're still at an age they can have new ones every year.
One of the girls has a face that compliments every pair of glasses, so it's just a matter of taste to make the right choice.
The other girl has a small face and she's not very tall.
She started looking at the children's glasses, because she thought she wouldn't find anything at the other part of the shop.
But I saw something very nice. I didn't like the colour, but the size and looks of the frame were OK.
She put the frame on and the colour fitted her perfectly.

I was happy we succeeded to find something for both of them.

One of the frames we bought last year lost the paint.
We got the choice for another frame but even after we went there about 10 times we hadn't found anything nice.
So we're very happy we could make a very good choice today.

After a short visit to the supermarket we went home.
After drinks and lunch we felt just a bit better... even putting on a new set of clothes we felt like coming from under a shower and having no towel.

Then I got a call from child services. I'll write more about that tomorrow.

When we went to get the bicycles the sky was blue and bright.

But a few hours later my second son and I watched the clouds drift in like a wall.
We went to a place where we could see more of the sky to see what was happening.

We heard the weather alarm, which included a tornado warning, which is very rare in this country and wanted to know if danger was approaching.

We saw the front part of the dark clouds drop down a bit and then turn. The whole cloudmass started to turn.
Beside of it an ever darker area of clouds approached, with a hanging part that didn't look like it would cause trouble, but intuitively I said to my son that would cause trouble for those under that.

Just when we stepped aside to go home everything that was on the ground started to fly up.
Leaves, dirt, small stones. A plastic pool made a nice flight in one of the gardens.
We went home.

Then the real bad weather started.
Lots of lightning again and a tremendous amount of rain raged around the house.

We just switched all electricity off and pulled the plugs out.

When it allw as over we had no damage. Just the TV was down, but not broken.

The other side of the lake, where I saw the hanging part, was hit badly.
Trees down, whole gardens destroyed, parts of roofs damaged. A roofwindow completely blown away.

2 of my sons went there to help the father of a friend saw the trees that fell down.

After that they came here, told their stories and then my second son went to his own home.

The appartmentbuilding was without electricity.
Turned out that 40.000 houses were without electricity in our town alone.

I think again we havbe been lucky.


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