Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Shopping now and then

Yesterday we went to the shopping centre to get some groceries and when we walked in the supermarket and scanned a bag of carrots I suddenly remembered the first time I went to our neighbourhood shop.

I think I was 4.
The Symbol LS2208 didn't excist, and we didn't have the faintest idea we would scan our groceries ourselves, pay and leave the supermarket without talking to one human being.

The shop was small, loaded with all kinds of cheese, and with shelves with other groceries.
We would ask the lovely lady or her husband to give us what we needed and they took it one by one and put it on the counter.

Then they wrote the names of the items down and their prizes and calculated by hand how much I had to pay.

The man would turn on the large machine and a drawer would open so he could put the money in and, if needed, take the change out.

The ritual of shopping wasn't finished without a sweet, a piece of cheese or a slice of meat.
And ofcourse a large smile from ear to ear, friendly words with the invite to come back soon and a thank you.


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