Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Last year lots of people had an opinion about a girl who wanted to sail the world solo as the youngest girl ever.

Child Protection Services jumped on her case and the girl was put under protection, as they call it.

When everybody thought she'd fulfilled all the requirements of safe sailing etc etc the protection was extended, and even when it was clear the girl was not benefitting from the protection but clearly showed signs of depression because she was put under pressure, according to her father, the protection was extended.

Today I heard the news, between advertisements for icecream, acne creams and a new kind of fruit drink, that the girl had been to court again.
This time Childcare pleaded the end of the protection measurements, but Child Protection Services wants them to be continued.

Next week we'll hear what the court has decided.

What is very interesting in this case is that the mother spoke out against the organisations.
They were not providing the truth, according to her.

Hmmm... though I heard that on this blog before.


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