Friday, July 9, 2010

Proof against nonsense

I was told yesterday by Child Protection Services that I was burned out and that dealing with 2 autistic kids at home was too much to give proper attention to the girls.

I was completely flabbergasted.

They want to bring us for the children's court and they're trying to get enough reasons to reach either an outplacement for the girls or someone who controls us in our responsibilities.

It's such a weird situation. It's like we're living a movie and someone forgot to write the script with us as the main players.

They even raised safety issues with their father (a teacher said they were afraid at school, so they would be afraid at home) and used that as an argument too and he said he would leave to take that motive for outplacement away.

So this night he's sleeping somewhere else and they have succeeded in breaking up our family.
After we found out we didn't want to extend our marital relationship, we easily agreed to stay at the same house to keep our responsibilities as parents.
We're good parents and all our time and attention was and is for the children.
We respect each other in our parenthood and that's more than can be said about many couples.

So with their sick thoughts they've reached that he sleeps on the floor somewhere to show he cares so much for the children that he wants to prevent an outplacement with all means.
An outplacement which would go against everything human, as they base their motives on wrong information.

I don't understand this.
When people are brought to court, the police has to investigate the issue and shoudl come with proof beyond reasonable doubt.
When parents are brought to children's court child protection services can just write down the greatest untruth without any proof and whole families suffer from the consequences of the lack for proof beyond reasonable doubt.

To take away the nonsense that I'm burned out I went to our family doctor.
He took the time for his assessment and we talked about a lot of things.

His conclusion was that (ofcourse) I'm not burned out. Far from that.
I'm perfectly able to deal with life, the kids and everything else.

We also had a look at how much time is available for the girls.
Plenty!! Plenty!!

He's going to write a report about this to be used in court if it ever comes that far.

The teacher at school stated that one of the girls was depressed and they both were afraid.
Well, our doc knows them well and he smiled and said that that certainly was not his impression.

Well, I don't think they will take note of that.

I worry that all these stupid allegations will undermine the self confidence and feeling of indentity of my girls.
Like they're telling me I'm burned out and that my life has no place for autistic kids ànd non-autistic kids, they're telling them that they're having feelings they don't have at all.
How can it be that they're called child protection services?

One of the girls wrote a letter to the teacher who gave the false information that will result in them/us brought to children's court. She was very honest and wrote a perfect mail.
He won't like it, but it's the truth. It's how she really feels. And what she thinks. She ended with that she hoped he and his collegue would never be groupteachers again, as they have made the past two years for this group a terrible experience.
She also hoped he would stay away with the group barbeque.

The clever girls also send the mail as a copy to the school contact person who respresents the board in this case.

Do you think that girls is afraid and lacks self confidence?



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