Tuesday, July 13, 2010

pills and critics

I think that there are many people who use supplements and diet pills, but only a few who are critical enough to have a close look at the pro's and contra's.

Reading at a site where a critical opinion of quick trim was given I got a smile on my face.
Until I came further down the page and saw what the real intention of the writer was.
Giving diet pill reviews is a real business.

As a mom of teens I'm not in the least impressed by pills to compensate for the lack of fresh fruit and vegetables and the abundance of fats and calories in the food.

I've taught them all healthy cooking.
And it comes in handy at many times.

My sons are part of a group of friends and they love to barbeque.
They get lots of meat, but often forget the vegetables, unless my son goes with them to the shops.
Smooties, fruit and vegetables are part of his shopping.
And each time that's a huge success.

I know however there are times that supplements are necessary.
Making the right choice is important and good review sites are a welcome help in making a responsible choice.


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