Monday, July 19, 2010

New shades?

When fortune doesn't change for us, we have to consider moving to a smaller house.

I hate it to take life's changes as a drawback. I'd rather see them as new opportunities. And even when we're not realising a dream (yet), we're developing.

If the summerweather continues to be like this, we need to make changes, whether we move or not.

Not all windows have blinds, because curtains were sufficient. But with these high temperatures I'd rather have roller shades because they're much easier to handle and provide more opportunities to play with the light.

Sometimes the sun hits the top of the window, but with curtains I have to close them all to keep the sunlight out.
With roller shades I can pull them half way, and this keep the sun out and still keep the opportunity to look outside.

No need to put plants away.

A few years ago roller shades were boring, but these days the patterns are so diverse that for every window and room a fitting design can be found.
I love the fact that there's a choice of materials and that even different weaves are available.

Keeping the sun out isn't a problem anymore with such beautiful shades.


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