Thursday, July 29, 2010

Need I be worried?

Yesterday I went for my mammogram.

They've got a rather new digital machine there and the last time I didn't feeled like a flattened pancake at all, as the anatomical structures were followed.

Well, this time there was another nurse and she used the diagonal view too, but squeezed the whole lot as thin as a coin... or nearly that flat.

I even had muscle ache after it, because she stressed the neckmuscles so much.

After the two shots she went to see if they were OK and she couldn't find one, or so she said.
I hope it was my breast I saw on the screen, because it was OK.
But I'm not sure.

I feel stupid not to have asked.

And then she told me she needed two shots more... the old fashioned way.

Need I be worried that she had to take two extra????

I hope they'll send the results home, because my doc is on holiday until the end of august.


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