Monday, July 12, 2010

Nearly hit by lightning

Yesterday evening we had the scare of our lives.

After a day with too high temperatures and a tremendous humidity, the weather warnings seemed to be right.
In the southern part of the country bad weather had caused already a lot of damage, and what was left over of grey and black clouds drifted towards us.

I got the laundry in, closed windows and did those pre-thunderstorm things we do here in the house.
Then I wanted to step outside.
One leg, foot on the ground, the other... and I looked up to see the sky between the wal and the roof over the back door area.

A beam of light appeared in front of me, and the light was soo bright that there was no difference between it through the clear sky and through the plastic roof.
I jumped back closed the door terribly fast. The sound merged with the enormous bang that shaked the earth.
In the cabinet the porcelain things moved and the children hurried downstairs and looked afraid.

My though was that the lightning had hit the christmastree in the back garden, but I didn't see fire.

Then we got a call from one of the sons... if we were hit, because they saw a beam of lightning come down right above our house, with a cloud lightning up inside, and balls of fire around it.

Turned out it was somewhere very near, as internet and digital TV were gone.
At a friend's house nearby they had no light at all.

No people wounded in the neighbourhood, it turned out today, no open fires, but many people had no internet, tv and some even no phone.

I won't forget that lighning, because it was so very very near me.



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