Thursday, July 15, 2010

nature and me

We still feel lucky that our garden and house survived the terrible weather of yesterday.
At our place just a tiny old branch fel down. 10 cm is nothing.

But when we leave the paths between the gardens it's like we're suddenly thrown into another world.

Broken branches of considerable length, leaves everywhere, blown away toys from children,
whole trees pulled out of the ground with roots exposed completely, cars with dents, roof tiles broken on the ground.

The garden of a friend living behind us is smashed by a fallen tree.
Her garden is less exposed than ours.

In a way it feels good to be confronted with the forces of nature.
It makes human created problems seem so small, and it clearly conveys the message that all will pass.

Nature always makes me feel humble, because it's so much bigger and linked to eternity,
but it also makes me feel very rich.

People can attack me with their unkindness, hatred, lack of compassion, hypocrisy or whatever.
But nature shows me her beauty.
It never attacks me intentionally, it just is.

And it's being that counts.
Being in the way that is close to your core, your inner self.


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