Wednesday, July 7, 2010

mobile protein

Parent meetings are always very educational.
It's good to hear how other parents deal with puberty issues, for instance, or which food they serve their families with warm weather.

Healthy food to me is not buying the packages with a logo of healthy food on it. Not after I learned that some of those logo's mean nothing at all.
Healthy food means fresh food. and if it's possible to get it from the farmshop, I will go there.

Living in one of the outer parts of town, near a fruit- and vegetables area, makes it easy to get fresh products.
I even know some farmers for over 25 years and when they offer me something at the market I know it's OK.

Not that I don't have limits.
I want fruit, no worms, I want lettuce, no slugs.
I can understand that some mobile protein invades my kitchen, but I don't want an equal battle on the plate.

I don't often use supplements and when I feel I need to give them to my children I first have a good look through the supplements review.
Using supplements on a regular basis is more expensive than ordering fruit from the farm by taxi, so I need to be sure I'm taking the right ones.

What's you look on this?


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