Sunday, July 25, 2010

mistakes upon mistakes upon mistakes... even the teamleader!

Dealing with official organisations hasn't been my favorite.
Mainly because of the many mistakes, the unrespectful way people are dealt with, the hierarchy games and the enormous amount of nonsense rules.

When the Child Services entered our family a whole train of disgraceful events happened.
I've seen people I didn't even know excisted in reality.
People I can't understand. I can't understand how they can live with themselves and how they're able to raise their children in a proper way.
This all has raised my concern about our society .. a lot!

We wrote a reaction to the first report on our family. The law states we can.
I wonder if someone bothered to read it. It's filed...'s filed.

With effort I got a second report. Not the corrected first. There are no corrections made.
No a second... even worse report on us.
We got it when the investigation was already closed.

We wrote a second set of corrections and comments.
I guess it's filed too.

We've send it by signed post again, because we didn't get a note of receival of the second set of comments and corrections.
The mail send us the official note, and the office took an effort to send us one too, as they should.

  • It was send to one of our sons
  • It was about the first set of comments and corrections, appropriately mentioning we collected the note at the mailoffice.

This was a reaction of the teamleader.
So he or she didn't even bother to read one single word, otherwise it would have become clear it was a second reaction on a second report.
This is the person who should guard that the right decisions are taken. Haha!

These are the people who decided upon us.

The people who stated we're members of a sect, that I am burned out, etc etc.

These are the people who messed up our lives and put a second organisation on us who wants to bring us to court as bad parents...based on that first organisation.

I wonder how many people in my country have suffered from those same mistakes.
The rights of children are violated over an over again, the law is trodden by providing the court case information based on the idea that people can defend themselves there.

How I would love to have someone knowledgeable from the European Union or the United Nations have a look.
This is not work for a normal lawyer, but for a famous international lawyer.

You're invited to get in contact with me.

I can't pay you, but you can do a lot of good for children and their parents.


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