Sunday, July 18, 2010

Looking forward to

We're looking forward to the homecoming of some military men and women from Afghanistan.

The command of camps and posts, except for Camp Holland has been transferred to the americans.

The NATO wanted us to extend the mission, but as we're without a missionary government the decision to stay couldn't be taken and material and personell are returned home.

It means that schoolfriends and other friends of the boys are returning home and I assume that some of them will stay here for quite some time, which means that we're in for interesting discussions and visits.

As my father has been in the RAF and a friend of the family was an army chaplain and because I've heard many, many stories I'm considered to be someone they can confide in and they do.
I've heard the most terrible stories about injuries, but also about the way people behave towards each other.

Well, I'll just wait for what I'm going to hear the next months.
You won't find anything on my blog about this, though. It stays between the walls of this room.


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