Wednesday, July 7, 2010

In the news now

The news reached me that Wilders has been nominated for the Sacharov prize.
It's a prestigious reward for people who fight for freedom of speech.
People who received it in the past were Nelson Mandela, and Hu Jia, two people who didn't only fight for freedom of speech, but also for freedom of living.

And that's what this prize if for.
To honor in particular, outstanding achievements in the fight to protect freedom of thought and expression against intolerance, fanaticism and hatred. This reflects its conviction that fundamental freedoms include not only the right to life and physical integrity, but also freedom of expression and of the press, two of the most effective means of fighting oppression and key yardsticks by which to judge whether a society is democratic and open.

I can't understand how someone can even mention the prize and Wilders in one sentence. (Ugh, I just did!).
The guy discriminates, uses freedom of speech as an excuse to bully and offend people and he doesn't even care that he hurts people and violates their human rights.

One of my main worries is that people like him have changed the wellbeing of a complete nation and will bring it in danger.
There are plenty of ways of dealing with people like him, learn more, but giving him such a prestigeous prize is not the best way.


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