Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Healthy weightloss

Some people think they can use the international 4 days marches as a means to loose weight.
My father was a member of a medical team at these marches and I always went with him.
I've witnessed many discussions about healthy habits during the hours we've spend on the road and at the mobile posts.

Ofcourse movement is the main way to weightloss, and eating not enough endangers your wellbeing, espcially during sportive events.

Yesterday one of the walkers said he was going to drink less than adviced, because weightloss often meant losing water.
I've never heard a thing like that and I told him so.

In fact, during these hot days one has to drink more. And when one is wise, one starts drinking more the day before, so the body is used to the flow and has already lost toxins.
Yes...drinking more means cleaning the body and the result is a healthier feeling.

Like everything in nature, the body finds a balance itself when you treat it well.
Plentry of drinking, healthy food in adequate quantities, a good state of mind and enough body movement brings a body in a state of equilibrium, and also at a balanced weight.

Depending on age it's more or less of the average weight.

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