Sunday, July 18, 2010

A healthy event

The festivities for the international 4 days marches have begun yesterday evening.
One of the boys went to one of the open air concerts. I think there's a list of 600 of them, so you'll find an account of at least 1 of them from me this week.

The concert my son went to was of a very high standard and I'm sure the result will be an increase in the sale of CD's.

A large event like this attracts each year a tremendous amount of visitors and the town is used to more than a million extra people eating,shopping and doing all sorts of things.

The advertising companies face however more rules and regulations than ever.
I don't mind though, because I'd rather see the best products well advertised than all sorts of junk handed out.
In the past we used to throw away all leaflets and papers, but the past year the quality of what we got was so good, that we took it all home and had a good look.
We used some coupons and took a look at the urls to find nice discounts.

One of the sites that should get attention this year is the site of
They compare Lipofuze and other dietpills on a number of well described criteria.

As the 4 days marches should not only be a healthy event for the walkers but also for their supporters and those enjoying the festivities special attention for good products is always valued here.


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