Wednesday, July 7, 2010

He changed himself

80.000 Dutch people, dressed in orange, watched the half finals of football yesterday evening at the Museum Square (Museumplein) in Amsterdam.

This morning someone called who was there and he was amazed by the intensity of feelings he went through. It was like he was taken into a big spirit of joy and all he had to do was let it flow through him.

I was amazed to hear him.

Two years ago he wouldn't have dreaamt of going to Amsterdam and he certainly wouldn't have mixed between the crowd.

He's the perfect example of how people can change their whole behaviour and attitude after they gain insight in their own thoughts.

He was a pessimist.
His fatalistic thoughts were such a burden for his friends that he lost them one by one, until only a few were left.
We didn't discuss matters with him anymore, because he was able to kill a discussion by just one remark.

So one evening I visited him and tried to talk with him about the loss of his friends.
I left with a gloomy feeling, with empty hands, thinking I had lost a friend.
A guy who had been a gentleman, who really cared for the feelings of others.
But he left himself sit aside of the world and pampered himself in feelings of self pity.

Yes, part of the world is bad.
But why give it attention if there's still beauty to enjoy?

So a week later I went again and didn't give him a chance to utter his negativity.
I just asked him over and over again: "Do you really want to say this, or is it a bad habit?"
He got irritated by it, but I knew I had put a sentence in his head which made him reflect on his words.

I trusted him to take the rest of his change on his own shoulders.
He's a fighter, all he needed was to face the fight.

And he did.

So he called and made me happy too, because he sounded like a grown up person.

"I should take you with me to Amsterdam one day soon", he said,"but I think it won't happen because I've met such a nice lady there."

I told him that was even better than going to Amsterdam myself. His happiness and his outlook on the future is the best we wish our friends.


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