Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hair...less hair

We're at an age that family men and friends are suffering from hair loss.
Suffering...yes, as some men have attached their identity to their curls and haircolour.

Recently I've found out that one of the men in the neighbourhood paints his hair.
He's been doing it now for more than 10 years.
His wife didn't care much for looks and she's grown grey, but he kept his black hairs.

His painting was found out when he started to show clear signs of hair loss.
Suddenly people didn't only derive his age from the age of his wife, but also from his own looks.
He tried to solve the problem by using special products. click here.
But he only postponed the inevitable.

And then suddenly he gave up fighting against age.
Within a few weeks the dark haired man was a grey, almost white haired one, and he looked a lot like his father at the same age.

He greeted me...kind of submissive.. I kindly greeted back.
For me he's the same nice guy, and I hope he'll accept himself as soon as possble.


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