Monday, July 19, 2010

From the inside out

When the children were little I thought that puberty would be a terrible time.

But it isn't.

It's almost as interesting as the time directly after birth, when I sensed a character in a baby and had the privilege to see it fold out like the petals of a flower.

Ofcourse children who develop into puberty have developed their own chanracter to a certain level. Puberty is the development into a more mature version. The time that impulsiveness becomes behaviour that's more controled by individual inner motives, that thoughts are questioned and lots and lots more happens.

Seeing autistic young people develop is as interesting as seeing non-autistic young people develop. It's their individuality which breaks through more and more and it's beautiful to see which choices they make.
I don't always agree with them, but it's part of life to find out what you really want, to make choices and to live whith what comes next.

There's no difference between those on the autism spectrum and those who are not.
Especially not when acne is concerned.

We've seen all sorts of pots, bottles, lotions and creams in the bathroom. We've seen miraculous changes from a clean face to terrible acne and vise versa.

During the years my statement has been clear: when you sleep well, eat healthy and take care of other things too, your body won't find the need to make acne worse than the hormones have caused it to be.

It's good to see that we don't spend amounts of money on products that don't work. Some cleaning milks do the trick and the rest is done from the inside out.

Kids have learned that chocolate and cheese cause exacerbations, for instance.
So they have a choice and they experience that choice.
They don't feel helpless against acne.

Some young (and older) people need a bit of extra help to keep their body in perfect shape and control acne from the inside out.
Acneticin can be of help.
For about a dollar a day you'll help yourself deal with acne. And as an added extra you feel a lot better too, as it's based on detoxifying the body.


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