Sunday, July 4, 2010

Football on TV

Yesterday a few men of the neighbourhood gathered to see if they could organise something to watch the football together.
As the heatwave will last about another week, they wanted to make something outside in one of the gardens.
So they had a good discussion about tv stands and screens and even sponsoring.
But I doubt any of the shops nearby will sponsor them, as the shops are formally in another neighbourhood.

It was agreed that one of them would ask his boss to hire a mobile TV system from work.
And one of the women would open the garden for all the children of football fans.
We don't have as many small children anymore than we used to, so with the help of a few others she can manage.

We're no football fanatics, but now the half finals are played, I feel kind of interested in the outcome.
But not enough to sit with a group of football fanatics.


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