Friday, July 23, 2010

Dance and.. he made it!

Yesterday we went to town to take part in the festivities of the international 4 days marches.

At a special stage for world music, initiated by the organisation for fugitives many years ago, it was africa evening.

So we met old acquaintances, many of who have worked in the third world or worked with fugitives here. Some are wives of african men.
We see each other every year at least once: at the africa evening.

This time we first decided not to go, but when the clock turned we decided to go anyway. A friend brought us to town by car. He doesn't like the festivities, but he gladly brings anyone who needs a trip to town.

While we were on our way it started to rain and before the centre we were confronted with a traffic jam due to a car-accident.
We decided to take a walk to town, so he could leave the jam and return home.

Realising we wouldn't be in time for the main performance (in our opinion) was kind of sad. We were at the wrong side of the centre.

But when we arrived it turned out the performance was postponed due to the bad weather and we still had plenty of time. Yea!
They were cleaning the stage, trying to get rid of the water and repairing the damage.

It was nice to meet old friends, walk around a bit and then mingle with the others just before the performance started.
The group of the Lions of Africa was split.
The main part of the group is in Bulgaria at the moment, but those who were here were aboslutely the best.

One jumped over a standing man!!!

We intensely enjoyed the music and the dance and we danced ourselves too.
The weather was amazing and one could almost feel like being in africa.
As always of the group of oldies I was the one who danced longest... haha. Never beaten.

Today we were watching TV and expected to see one of my sons finish.
One of the other boy texted him to ask where he was, but he didn't get a reply.
Then suddenly the door opened and he stepped in...
He didn't want us to come to the finish... now we knew why.
He was so early that we would have been the first ones to sit there.
Now he surprised us, very proud.

He didn't walk officially, because he walked with some soldiers to made a record in photos of their experience, and he wasn't sure he would make it.
He didn't walk yesterday, but managed to walk 3 days the full 50 km. Wow!

Next year he'll walk officially and we already know we should be very early to see him finsih.


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