Friday, July 16, 2010

When human lightning strikes - crisis means new beginnings

My gram always said that a crisis means new beginnings.

Living with a large family through WW2 under the German occupation, with every member above 18 being part of the resistance, she knew what she was talking about.

She showed me her power often enough to be a perfect example.
Even when the last son she had at home, because he suffered bad health, died in her arms and she had to sell their new home, she told me she would find a place to be happy again.

She returned to her former neighbourhood, found an appartment near a backery and enjoyed the smell of bread each and every day.

When she died I was expecting my second child. My baby died 6 months after her.
It was like the chain of generations broke and left me floating around alone.

Not for long.
I realised that some people were afraid to talk about my baby, and some just left the theatre of life. They didn't even give me a chance to help them to stay in our lives.
I bought a new agenda, like my gram did, and threw away the old one.

The friends who stayed grew closer and to my surprise many new people entered my life and became close friends too.
It was true... losing my daughter opened new doors.
I didn't see it then, because I grieved, but looking back it's like a miracle visited my life and left a lasting impression.
Even little babies who live not even two complete days can change lives forever.
And my daughter changed many lives, as I could help many parents with my experiences.

The same is happening now.
New people are entering our lives.
New precious people.

And those who are deciding about our family?
Those who think they know us and caused the dad of our children to leave, to show them that we take our children more serious than our happiness?
They won't reach the new addressbook.

But the others will.


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